Worship Band and Vocal Team
Worshipper’s Leading Worship! That’s what the FBC Worship Band and Vocal Teams are all about. The teams are made up of skilled musicians with a heart for worship and a desire to serve others by offering their gifts to God as an act of contagious worship. Those interested in participating in the worship band or vocal team must go through and interview/audition process. If you would like more information on how you might be a part of this team please email or call the worship ministries office.
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Worship Choir
 In 2 Chronicles 20:21 King Jehoshaphat assembled a choir to go before his army and “Sing to the Lord and to praise Him for the splendor of His holiness”. As this group sang praise to God, the Lord defeated their enemies and thus led King Jehoshaphat and his army to victory.

We believe choir is a vital part of our worship experience at First Baptist and that when we combine singing and the worship of a Holy God together great things are going to happen!  The Worship Choir is a great place to be for those who have a heart for worship and a desire to declare His praise through song.  Don’t just take my word for it; come check it out for yourself!  

Technical Arts
The Technical Arts Ministry is an essential part of the worshipping church today.  From audio, to lighting, to multi-media, the church has become ever-more dependant on the technical arts to help lead people to worship in today’s audio-visual culture.  At First Baptist, we see the technical arts as worship tools, and those who work with these tools as worship leaders.  God has equipped the church of today with technologies that can help us as we work to lead people in life-changing environments of worship.  
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Kids Choir
At First Baptist, we believe that many of our future worship & arts leaders can be found right here within our church.  Therefore, we have a responsibility to help our children develop into the leaders God has for them to be.  Our Kids Choir ministries are all about helping children discover their God-given gifts, and giving them the opportunities to use these gifts in ministry and service to others.   
Worship Orchestra
Throughout the year, First Baptist offers various semesters or “seasons” of orchestra.  Each semester allows the instrumentalist a new opportunity to join the orchestra for what is typically an 8-12 week semester.  Each semester is unique in its focus and goals.  For example: the fall semester will typically have some goals tied to Christmas while our spring semester will typically lead us into our God and Country Celebration service.  One thing that remains constant each semester is our participation in our Sunday morning services.  In a typical semester the orchestra will lead out as a part of our worship services anywhere from two to three times per semester
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Night In Bethlehem
Of all the stories that have been told none has changed the world like the story of God coming down to earth.  He didn’t come wearing a royal robe, riding in a chariot of fire, surrounded by host of angels, or with golden trumpets a blazing.  Rather, God came to earth as a humble, helpless, baby named Jesus.

The story of God coming down to earth is proclaimed every year December 21-23 as First Baptist Church Tullahoma presents “A Night in Bethlehem”.   

Each evening holds an opportunity for folks to walk the streets of Bethlehem and to get a sense of what it might have been like on that night when Christ came to earth.  The journey begins as they look into the sky and see the shining star that can be seen from miles around.  As they continue on the journey they’ll see shepherds keeping watch over their flocks in the field, vendors selling their wares in the Bethlehem marketplace, and the Nativity scene where Mary, Joseph, and the wise men, worship the Christ child as an angel watches from above. 

As one journey’s out of the city of Bethlehem they’ll find nightly entertainment in our worship center, chapel, and elsewhere.  Hot coco, hot cider, and Christmas cookies are free and available at the hospitality tent.  Feel free to enjoy your beverage and cookies while taking in the warmth from any one of our many fire rings.  Kids and adults alike will enjoy seeing camels, sheep, and other exotic animals that help to bring everything to life.

“A Night in Bethlehem” draws people from all over middle Tennessee and beyond year after year.  “A Night in Bethlehem” was voted as the

Finest Annual Community Event

by the Tullahoma News in 2012.  The event is free and open to the greater public.

Setup for a Night in Bethlehem begins in early November and continues daily until opening night.  Each year we depend on volunteers to construct the buildings, hang thousands of lights, prepare the grounds, make or clean costumes, prepare food, provide cookies and drinks for the hospitality tent, be a part of the cast, help with greeting, providing information, taking care of animals, helping with props and much more!

If you are interested in being a part of a Night in Bethlehem please contact the worship ministries office.


For more information contact the worship ministries office at 931-455-5461 or email us at worship@fbctullahoma.org